Have you found your dream house? Now you need to find a mortgage. Preferably one with a very good interest rate. We are happy to help.
Do you want to know more about the possibilities for your mortgage? It is important to know which mortgage best fits your situation and your needs, before you decide to purchase a product. Our advice offers you this opportunity. We will assess which solution is most suited for you. Our advice also takes unforeseen circumstances into consideration, possible circumstances such as occupational disability or death. In other words, we always provide you with a comprehensive advice. We are fully independent and compare more than 30 providers for you. Anything to get you the best possible mortgage.


Step 1: Maximum mortgage calculation
After the first meeting with the advisor, which is free of charge, you will be able to make an accurate assessment of the price range.


Step 2 House quest:
Since you now know your financial possibilties you can start searching to find an appartment/house. It is advisable to contact a real estate agent, since they can select through an intranet which is only accessible to agents and where objects are offered mostly before they are presented on the various websites. Your agent informs you about houses on the market through selections based on your profile. After the selection of the objects there are different ways to proceed.


Step 3 Mortgage application
When you’ve found your house we start with the request for the best possible mortage.


Step 4 Notary office
Here you will draw up the contract of sale (this can also be done by the estate agent or another party) and the deed of delivery and mortgage. The notary will carry out a survey (to establish, for example, whether the vendor is entitled to sell, whether the home is subject to an attachment order, etc.). He/she attends to the settlement and transfer of funds. When this is done in compliance with regulatory policies you receive the key to your new home!
We are present tosupport you in all these steps and will manage the whole process, from the first assessment untill you receive the key. We also take care of your tax benefits and will do the request for this at the tax authorities.