We take a clear and logical approach in finding you the right mortgage. Every step of the mortgage process is taken in consideration, from exploring properties and options to the actual moving day.


1. Free financial survey

Before you decide whether to buy a property or not, we offer you our free non-binding advisory consultation. This will take place at your home or at our office, at a time that is most convenient for you. We truly believe we can only offer you personal advice after we have actually met you, therefore our advisory consultation is completely free. During the consultation we will ask you various questions about your life and work, your preferences and wishes and your plans for the future. Next, we will tell you a bit more about who we are, what we do, how we work and most importantly: what we can do for you. Based on your income, our consultant will calculate a personalised mortgage estimate and will offer you an indication of your monthly costs. All this information will be administered to you in a comprehensible overview. This overview includes our service offer and applicable consultancy and mediation fees. After the advisory consultation, you decide whether you would like to continue your mortgage application process with us. Only after you have given us your consent, will we proceed in the process. That way, you are always in control.


2. Finding a property

This phase mainly consists of finding the right property. If desired, we can get you in contact with a preselected estate agent within our network. After you have found your property, we will calculate a mortgage estimate. Because we operate independently, we are able to choose between more than 30 banks and lenders to help you compare between the best deals available. We offer negotiating advice and provide you with a personalised checklist regarding the information and data needed in preparation for the advisory consultation.


3. Mortgage advisory consultation

After you have found the property of your dreams, we will select the best mortgage together. We will go through the deed of purchase together, thereby making sure that all the different elements and conditions are sufficiently explained to your understanding. This includes: financing under condition, bank guarantee and the date of exchange. Next, we will inform you about the different types of mortgages and loans. In case you need to switch existing mortgages, you need to make sure that you receive a repayment note from your current lender, due to prevailing terms of notice. We will compare the interest rates and lead times of over 30 banks and lenders and will provide you with advice and counselling regarding terms and conditions that apply to your personal situation. We help you make the right decision. Based on carefully and detailed calculation scenarios we will show you the exact amount of you new gross and neat monthly costs. We review the risks involved, for example (early) decease, occupational disability and unemployment, and show you the best solutions for coverage of these risks. Lastly, you will receive a financial overview with which you can make an evaluated and educated decision regarding the mortgage offer that suits you best. After you have made your decision, we will apply for the mortgage quotation (and appurtenant interest rate offer) for you.


4. Value assessment, bank guarantee or standard valuation report

If you want or need a value assessment of your property, we can request one for you. In most cases, we have already requested the value assessment before the actual mortgage advisory consultation (step 3). We also advice our clients to commission a comprehensive inspection called a standard valuation report. Whereas a value assessment mainly evaluates the (commercial) market value, a standard valuation report also indicates expected future expenses caused by, for example, repairs and maintenance. If desired, we can also assist you in acquiring a bank guarantee within the set period of time.


5. Final mortgage offer

When buying a property, it is vital that the term under which your finances are conditioned only expires after you have received the final and definitive approval of your mortgage lender. After the mortgage lender has positively approved all the required documents, you will receive this final and definitive approval. This approval has limited validity and is binding for the mortgage lender within the given term. Within this term, the mortgage deed must have been signed in the presence of and with signed endorsement of a notary. We will review the definitive approval with you at our office. Simultaneously we will review the final Personal Mortgage Advisory Consultation with you. The signed approval will be sent to the mortgage lender, after which all of the required documents will be sent to the notary.

6. Notary

The mortgage lender transfers the money, upon request of the notary, to the third party back account of the notary. The notary will send you a statement for settlement (nota van afrekening/ NVA) in which all of the financial settling has been incorporated. This includes possible investments, costs and fees from your personal deposits or down payments. We will verify this statement of settlement for you. After you have authorised the statement of settlement, you can transfer the required indebted amount of money from your personal deposits or down payments to the notary, if necessary. If you have included a loan for (re)construction in your mortgage, the mortgage lender will usually instate a construction deposit for this specific purpose. The mortgage lender will provide you with the necessary instructions to properly use this deposit. Lastly, you will sign the approvals, forms and contracts needed for the mortgage of your property at the notary’s office, with which you have finalized the purchase of the property! Needless to say, we will provide additional and information and support regarding necessary insurances, such as property and building insurance, property contents insurance and other forms of insurance.


7. Follow-up and aftercare

We feel that providing financial services does not stop when our client receives his or her key. Therefore, we also check up on you from time to time while you make use of the mortgage we have helped you acquire. For your convenience, we update all changes in the financial market, including interest rates, fees and terms and conditions daily. That way, you can always rely on us to give you the best financial advice available for your personal situation.